Standard Boxes £15+p&p

Our standard box is for those who love all things comic book! You’ll find a mixture of Marvel, DC and Indie within this Mystery Box, allowing you the widest range of reading material to suit any newcomers (or comic book fans) needs. Even better value! With this box you’ll get a 1:5 chance to get an incentive or high value book

Premium Boxes £24+p&p

Get your dedicated Marvel, DC and Indie Mystery Boxes. You’ll get a catered Mystery Box experience boasting at least 5 new comic books of your chosen publisher (or Indie). Our Branded Mystery Box catalogue is enough to make the mouth water of any Spidey, Bats or Negan fan. Even better value! With this box you’ll get a 1:10 chance of getting one of our HIGH VALUE or INCENTIVE comics

Kids £10+p&p

5 Child-friendly comic books spanning Marvel, DC and Indie. Not only will your child get a months’ worth of reading, but they will also get any Funko POP or Figure! What Value!